Central Fife Open Studios 2018

Since last year's CFOS I have been honing some of the ideas I was playing with then, and have used this year's open studios as an opportunity to gather my work together in a physical space, a remarkably effective way of seeing connections, thematics, some of them new but many of them a realisation of what was already there, connections which I had already made and had found their way into the artworks, even though I hadn't consciously put them there, bringing great pleasure and a sense of discovery. This practice is what I should be doing all the time, and luckily I have moved into a new studio space which will allow me to do this. Its too late to change the venue for CFOS this year as all the information and brochures and so on were already produced before I got the studio. So, my work will be at Maker, 2a High Street, Inverkeithing on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September 10am-6pm both days.

Ps, images of the new studio to follow soon!