More for the liminal soundtrack of my life

I've found another two pieces of music which I can add to my 'soundtrack of the liminal'. I was listening to two Ane Brun albums which contain many covers. The song 'How to Disappear Completely' on her 2017 album Leave Me Breathless', gave me a chill of recognition. I discovered it is an original song by Radiohead, from their 2000 album 'Kid A'. Listening to this, original, version, it seems to capture perfectly the separated mind and body, and sense of floating, of traumatic dissociation.

The other song is her own and is from her 2008 album Changing of the Seasons, called 'Linger With Pleasure'. This describes a state of being where the hurly burly of ordinary life has been suspended, a pleasurable liminal state, if you will. Can a liminal state be deeply, secretly pleasurable? There is certainly something in the ability to shed everything unnecessary to your survival, either literal survival of your organism, or survival of your sense of self. There is a voluptuous pleasure in it, which I was using in some recent art works called 'Golden-Loss-Bliss'.