Lungs Mobile

This sculpture contains three pairs of lungs, one bloody, one torn, the the third created using the poem 'coire fhionn lochan' by Thomas A. Clark - the lines running on together in a repetitive intonation without rest between lines to draw breath. The poem represents the movement of small rhythmic waves on the side of a boat, and this is traditionally seen, and here in this poem, usually felt, to be calming and comforting, like the rocking of a cradle. The calm rhythm of waves mirrors the calm and welcome drawing of life giving breath into the lungs. In my interpretation the lines have no pause and have a sinister sense of inevitability and claustraphobia. They represent the feeling of panic evoked by being trapped at sea, unable to return to land, and of being unable to draw breath when the lungs are damaged or diseased. 

Ghost Vessels

Sight + Loss