Exhibition of paintings October/November 2019

This collection of paintings and other works can still be seen in the cafe at Woodlea Stables until the end of November.


I currently have a body of work on show at this excellent farm shop and cafe in Fife. They sell eggs from their free range hens, and make in-house their lovely sour-dough bread in a range of types and tastes. They also sell fruit and veg straight from market, and sell produce made by other small businesses around Scotland. It’s a wonderful place whose business models are very much in the mood of Kate Raworth’s ‘Doughnut Economics’. They don’t see growth as the first principle of their business, as they can see that this will stretch their resources and lessen the quality of both their produce and service, while losing sight of their values. I feel very happy and nurtured there and it seemed the perfect place to show my first collection of work.

The paintings  of this collection are developed around the key concept of the ‘eye of the storm’; openings at the core of unseen chaos and forces beyond control. They are an exploration of liminal space, or dissociation, rupture, but also of comfort, presence, even exquisite pleasure. I am interested in works of art with Duende, the awareness of death, corruption and absence even while enjoying sensual pleasures of the senses and deep feeling. it is a philosophy of ‘be here right now’ and of abundance.

The openings I have created are sometimes available and sometimes forbidden. I am thinking about how we might deal with traumatising knowledge and experiences, such as lived realities created and controlled by far away people in power; politics, economics, resources, climate breakdown and species extinction. The eye of the storm is not the same as burying your head in the sand, or being ignorant of the facts, its more akin to dissociation, a place which is vital for the survival of the most essential parts of what it is to be a human. Its a place where a lot of work is being done.


 I am a painter, based in Fife, and about to move into my own studio in the seaside town of Burntisland. My paintings are mostly abstractions, with an instinctive and explorative approach to the painted surface. They go through many iterations before the message becomes clear. I also draw and paint portraits, and work with photographic images, artists’ books and perfumery. I have previously led community arts projects with both adults and children, with particular interest in people’s emotional and imaginative connections with their surroundings, both natural and built. I’m inspired by George Monbiot’s idea that to inspire us to want to protect nature we need to love it.