Painting is mostly where I feel most free and able to communicate my ideas, but I also like drawing, photography, making artists’ books, and small sculptural work. Really I like to let one idea flow to another, and I’ll pick up anything which seems to work. I work in abstraction, figure and language, and am interested in expressing complex psychological and emotional states, the nature of reality, and human relationships with the rest of the natural world. I am endeavouring to learn more intellectually about how to help the natural world to survive, while understanding that my life-long love and attunement to nature is something to be valued as a way of thinking about being in the world, and potentially shared with others.

In 2016 I was involved in a serious accident, and experienced severe physical and psychological trauma which gave me then, and still does, insight into the state of being a body and mind in the world. I live with sight loss due to damage to my eyes, which gives me interesting perspectives on what I see and perceive.