Vision test

vision test June 2017

a test of my visual field. A very graphic representation of what I see. It is the closest I've been able to get of a subjective sense of my vision after a traumatic accident last year caused retinopathy in both my eyes. The top left image is a representation of when I could see a small flashing light on a screen, and at what brightness I could see it. The black is marked NO, i.e. no vision, and the gradations around it represent how bright the light needed to be in order for my eye to see it. The bottom left image is a comparison with normal vision i.e. 'Norm'. The images on the right are my left eye. I knew that it's  wasn't totally normal, there there was damage around the edges, but it just feels 'reduced' rather than having an actual blank spot as in my right eye. These images lend themselves to making art which express the subjective experience of low vision. I've started with a simple drawing of the right eye's vision:

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