This eye is virtually blind. I was involved in an accident during the summer of 2016 when my torso was crushed when a speed boat hit the one I was sitting on. The accident broke both my collar bones, five ribs on the right side and punctured my right lung, causing hemopneumothorax. Another effect of the crush and broken bones was Purtscher's Retinopathy which damages the retina permanently. The centre vision of this eye doesn't exist, it is a great grey hole, no information passes through it, not even strong light. I can't see your face/head with this eye. I have peripheral vision, so I would know which room I was in, or who I was with (if I knew you). I think this eye looks permanently frightened - as if it is grasping for all it can see. (see blog: PORTRAIT OF A RIGHT EYE 1. My left eye was also damaged but the central vision is not affected, so I see most things with that small window. The world I see is darker, dimmer, and the colours are a bit odd. Details are difficult to grasp. It's all about information to my brain.

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