Jane Francis

I am a visual artist based in Fife, Scotland. Until 2016 I was evolving an artistic language within the loose boundaries of painting, drawing and photography. My method of working was instinctive, involving immediate mark making and the application and removal of paint and other mediums on the painted surface, exploring their mobility and relationships with each other. This method involved periodical re-evaluation in order to  create tensions between the forces of freedom and control. Different Influences entered as I worked, such as  natural forms, personal memories and emotional states. I still use painting and drawing in my work, but have also been experimenting more recently with mixed media and sculptural forms. 

Since being involved in a traumatic incident in the summer of 2016 my work has centred around concepts of dissociation, liminality and duende. While my artwork has been largely instinctive and a very loose interpretation and representation of these states, when taken as a whole they begin to build towards a project on 'Liminal States' which I hope to bring together in an exhibition later this year.